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Our company was founded in February 1990 and was incorporated in April 1991.  We specialize in concrete construction to include: foundations, floors, pits, trenches, tunnels, retaining walls, exterior concrete pads, and miscellaneous site concrete. We primarily work on industrial/commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouse distribution centers, and automotive facilities consisting of large press foundations. These facilities range from 10,000 square foot buildings to over 1 million square foot distribution centers. We have completed projects ranging from 45 feet below ground at the 10th street pumping station in new Albany Indiana to 75 feet above ground on a concrete intake riser at Lebanon Kentucky.



Click to View Full SizeWorkman's Comp: CNA Insurance
Bonding Agent: Travelers
Both handled by Schmidt Insurance, Louisville, KY
Agent: Carl Head

We have a safety personnel on each job site as well as a company director. We are familiar with and comply with OSHA regulations. Our safety personnel are trained in CPR, Fall Prevention, Blood borne Pathogens, and other safety regulations. All of our employees go through an extensive safety orientation immediately after they are hired and prior to starting work.


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